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Jennie L. Hansen

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Also Known As Jennie Hansen
Religion LDS
Birth Date 11-02-1943
Birth Place Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
Parents Mary (Reader) Smith and Jed C. Smith
Spouse Boyd K. Hansen
Children four girls, one boy --Sharon, Robert, Mary Jo, Lezlie, Janice
Education Associate Degree, 1964, Ricks College Rexburg, Idaho
BA, 1990 Westminster College Salt Lake City, Utah
Career First published at the age of seven, Jennie Hansen, has contributed stories and articles to numerous magazines and newspapers. She worked as a reporter and editor for a weekly newspaper and occasionally freelanced articles for several daily newspapers. She worked for the Utah State legislature before becoming a circulation specialist for the Salt Lake City Library System. Her publications include newspaper articles, news stories, editorials, short stories, reviews of other LDS author's work, and twelve novels. She frequently speaks at Relief Society socials, firesides, conferences, and to literary groups.
Awards Many journalism awards including the National Federation of Press Women's second place award for page editing for the Valley View News(1978),
Third place Contemporary for Some Sweet Day, Heart of the West 1997 Writers Contest
Other Biographical Information Current Residence: Salt Lake County, Utah
Contact: Jennie Hansen c/o Covenant Communications, PO Box 416,
American Fork, UT 84003-0416 or

This information was submitted by the author on July 27, 2003.

Works by Jennie L. Hansen
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The Bracelet2005Novel
Code Red2004Novel
High Stakes2004Novel
Breaking Point2003Novel
Beyond Summer Dreams2001Novel
Chance Encounter2000Novel
The River Path: A Novel2000Novel
All I Hold Dear1999Novel
Coming Home: A Novel1998Novel
Journey Home: A Novel1997Novel
Run Away Home1997Novel
Some Sweet Day: A Novel1997Novel
When Tomorrow Comes: A Novel1994Novel
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[Review of] Cover of Darkness by Sian Ann Bessey2002Review
[Review of] Edge of Night by Carol Warburton2002Review
[Review of] The Fly on the Rose by Elizabeth Petty Bentley2002Review
[Review of] House of Isreal Vol 1—The Return by Robert Marcum2002Review
[Review of] Into the Fire by Jeffrey S. Savage2002Review
[Review of] Power of Deliverance: Volume Two of the Promised Land Series by David G. Woolley2002Review
[Review of] Relentless by Clair Poulson2002Review
[Review of] A Trusting Heart by Shannon Guymon2002Review
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