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Dean Hughes
Dean Hughes has published books, stories, and poems for readers of all ages. His more than eighty published books include the popular Children of the Promise series, predecessor to Hearts of the Children. He holds a bachelor's degree from Weber State College and master's and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Washington. He has attended post-doctoral seminars at Standford and Yale Universities and taught English at Central Missouri State University and Brigham Young University. He and his wife, Kathleen Hurst Hughes, have three children and live in Midway, Utah. [publisher website]

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Religion LDS
Birth Date 1943
Birth Place Ogden, Utah
Education He attended Weber State University studying English, and received a Masters in creative writing and a PhD in literature from the University of Washington. He attended Weber State University studying English, and received a Masters in creative writing and a PhD in literature from the University of Washington.
Career Before he became a full-time writer, he taught English at Central Missouri State University. Hughes has also taught creative writing at Brigham Young University.

Works by Dean Hughes
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Before the Dawn2007 Fiction
Angel Park Hoop Stars1993 Series
Angel Park All-Stars Series
Angel Park Soccer Stars Series
The Mormon Church: A Basic History1986History
"There's a Multitude of Children All Around": Children's and Young Adult Fiction in the Mormon Literary Tradition2001Interview / Panel
[Interview with Dean Hughes]2000Interview / Panel
Missing In Action2010Novel Fiction
Promises to Keep: Diane's Story2008Novel Fiction
Saboteur: A Novel of Love and War2006Novel
Search and Destroy2005Novel
So Much of Life Ahead2005Novel
Midway to Heaven2004Novel
Midway to Heaven2004Novel
Take Me Home2004Novel
How Many Roads2003Novel
Troubled Waters: A Novel 2002Novel
Soldier Boys2001Novel
The Writing on the Wall: A Novel2001Novel
As Long as I Have You2000Novel
Bases Loaded1999Novel
Grand Slam1999Novel
Home Run Hero1999Novel
No Easy Out1999Novel
No Fear1999Novel
Now We're Talking1999Novel
Play Ball!1999Novel
Take Your Base1999Novel
Team Player1999Novel
When We Meet Again1999Novel
Brad and Butter: Play Ball!1998Novel
Cornbread and Prayer1998Novel
Far from Home1998Novel
Rumors of War1997Novel
Since You Went Away1997Novel
Team Picture1996Novel
Re-Elect Nutty!1995Novel
Find the Power1994Novel
Lucky Comes Home1994Novel
One-Man Team1994Novel
The Trophy1994Novel
End of the Race1993Novel
Go to the Hoop!1993Novel
Lucky in Love1993Novel
Lucky's Cool Club1993Novel
Nothing But Net1993Novel Series
Nutty's Ghost1993Novel
On the Line1993Novel
Point Guard1993Novel
Quick Moves1993Novel
Go to the Hoop!1993Novel
Backup Goalie1992Novel
Lucky's Tricks1992Novel
Lucky the Detective1992Novel
Total Soccer1992Novel
Victory Goal1992Novel
All Together Now1991Novel
Kickoff Time1991Novel
Lucky Fights Back1991Novel
Lucky's Mud Festival1991Novel
Lucky's Mud Festival1991Novel
Safe at First1991Novel
Stroke of Luck1991Novel
Superstar Team1991Novel
Up at Bat1991Novel
Big Base Hit1990Novel
Championship Game1990Novel
Family Picture1990Novel
Line Drive1990Novel
Lucky Breaks Loose1990Novel
Lucky's Crash Landing1990Novel
Lucky's Gold Mine1990Novel
Lucky's Gold Mine1990Novel
Making the Team1990Novel
Pressure Play1990Novel
Rookie Star1990Novel
What a Catch!1990Novel
Winning Streak1990Novel
Family Dose1989Novel
Nutty, The Movie Star1989Novel
Nutty Knows All1988Novel
Hooper Haller1987Novel
Jenny Haller1987Novel
Theo Zephyr1987Novel
Jelly's Circus1986Novel
Nutty and the Case of the Mastermind Thief1985Novel
Nutty and the Case of the Ski-Slope Spy1985Novel
Millie Willenheimer and the Chestnut Corporation1983Novel
Facing the Enemy1982Novel
Honestly, Myron1982Novel
Switching Tracks1982Novel
Nutty for President1981Novel
As Wide as the Rain1980Novel
As Wide as the River1980Novel
Under the Same Stars1979Novel
Adventures of Young Joseph WilliamsNovel Series
Children of the PromiseNovel Series
Hearts of the ChildrenNovel Series
ScrappersNovel Series
The Saturday Bakery1998Personal Essay
A Silly-Silly-Sloo1997Poetry
Buckles and Knuckles and Nickles1983Poetry
Turkey Time1978Poetry
My Hot Get Feet1977Poetry
Artistry in a Missionary Story : A review of Gordon Laws's My People2001Review
Something for Myself1997Short Story
Sun on the Snow1991Short Story
[Tribute to Eugene England]2001Tribute
The Bouncing Kaderpnick1997Unassigned
We'll Bring the World His Truth: Missionary Adventures from Around the World1995Unassigned
Great Stories from Mormon History1994Unassigned
Baseball Tips1993Unassigned
Lullaby and Goodnight1992Unassigned
I Don't Have Time For Writer's Block1989Unassigned

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