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Carol Lynn Pearson
Carol Lynn Pearson has been a professional writer, speaker, and performer for many years. Many of her poems have been reprinted in such places as Ann Landers’ column and Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as in college literary textbooks. The poems appear now in a compilation, Picture Window (1996). Her autobiography Goodbye, I Love You (1986) tells the story of her marriage to a homosexual man, their divorce, ongoing friendship, and her caring for him as he died of AIDS. Carol Lynn has written numerous educational motion pictures, including the well-known Cipher in the Snow (1973), as well as many plays and musicals, two of which were commissioned by Sundance Theater. She both wrote and acted in Mother Wove the Morning (1989). She has written seven inspirational books under the series title Fables for Our Times. Her most recent book, Consider the Butterfly: Transforming Your Life through Meaningful Coincidence, was a finalist in the Inspirational/Spiritual category of the 2002 Independent Publishers Book Awards. She is the mother of four grown children and lives in Walnut Creek, California, where she recently spearheaded a project called “Voices to Afghanistan” to help teach English to Afghani schoolchildren. [from Discoveries: Two Centuries of Poems by Mormon Women, 111]

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Also Known As Carol Lynn Wright Pearson; Carol Lynn Wright
Birth Date 1939
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah
Education B.A., M.A. Theater, Brighham Young University
Career A homemaker-writer from Provo, Utah, she is widely known among Mormon readers as the author of two volumes of poetry, Beginnings (1965) and The Search (1970). She has recently achieved a wide readership for her compilation Daughters of Light (1973). Her play Pegora the Witch, and her Mormon musical The Order is Love, have been widely produced, as have Think Your Way to a Million and Martyr-in-Waiting. A thorough-going professional, Mrs. Pearson has published widely in LDS and non-Mormon periodicals and has written several films for the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio.

Works by Carol Lynn Pearson
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Cipher in the Snow1982 Film
My Turn on Earth1977 Film
Are You Listening? Film
Are You the One?: Choosing a Mate Film
The Dance Film
Day of Promise Film
Decisions, Decisions Film
It’s My Life! Film
Listening Beyond Words Film
Making a Better World Film
Making a Better World (black and white) Film
Making a Better World (Spanish) Film
Mirror, Mirror : You and Your Self Image Film
Mother Wove the Morning Film
Pioneers in Petticoats Film
The Three Witnesses Film
A Time to Love: a musical program for young people on the joys and pitfalls of romantic love Film
What About Thad? Film
When Thou Art Converted Film
Good-bye, I Love You1986Biography / Memoir
Will I Ever Forget this Day?: Excerpts from the Diaries of Carol Lynn Pearson1980Diary / Journal
My Turn on Earth1977Drama
The Order is Love1971Drama
Think Your Way to a Million: A Play in Three Acts1968Drama
Holders of the Mirror and Pegora: Two Original Plays1962Drama Dissertation / Thesis
I'll Walk with You1989Music Lyrics
The Dance2007Novel
Summer of Truth2007Novel
The Runaway Mother2006Novel
The Lesson: A Fable for Our Times1998Novel
Morning Glory Mother1997Novel
A Stranger for Christmas1984Novel
A Lasting Peace1983Novel
Overheard at the Dance1981Novel
Call it Mother1979Novel
The Growing Season1976Novel
Dear Brethren: Claiming a Voice in the Church 2003Personal Essay
Consider the Butterfly : Transforming Your Life Through Meaningful Coincidence 2002Personal Essay Collection
Silent Notes TakingPersonal Essay
Mother's Post Pledge2004Poetry
A Motherless House2003Poetry
Jesus and the Twin Towers2002Poetry
Day-old Child and other Celebrations of Motherhood 2001Poetry
Picture Window: A Carol Lynn Pearson Collection: From Beginnings to the Present1996Poetry Collection
Women I Have Known & Been1992Poetry Collection
Chiasm to God the Mother1991Poetry
Millie's Mother's Red Dress1989Poetry
To the Sound of Rain1989Poetry
I Can't Stop Smiling1984Poetry Collection
The Laying on of Hands1978Poetry
On Nest Building1978Poetry
Prayer for an Afflicted Child1976Poetry
Short Roots1976Poetry
To a Child Gone1976Poetry
The Valentine1976Poetry
To an Atheist1974Poetry
To the Mormon Now Blessed With Roses Instead of Tar and Feathers1974Poetry
Daughters of Light1973Poetry
Sound and Shhhh1973Poetry Collection
The Search1970Poetry
Beginnings1967Poetry Collection
Drama in Two ActsPoetry
A Fascinating Study in Highs and LowsPoetry
From the PhilosopherPoetry
Joseph's FeastPoetry
The Mother the HarborPoetry
Open My DoorsPoetry
Seven PoemsPoetry
The StewardPoetry
Trial Number FivePoetry
Whoever Wrote It Down Got It All WrongPoetry
The Relief Society Sister's Notebook1981Unassigned
The Faithful Mormon Father's Notebook1979Unassigned
The Marriageable Mormon Male's Notebook1978Unassigned
The Model Mormon Missionary's Notebook1978Unassigned
The Marriageable Mormon Maiden's Notebook1977Unassigned
The Model Mormon Mother's Notebook1977Unassigned
The Busy Bishop's Notebook1976Unassigned

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