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John Lyon
John Lyon (1803-89), a Utah pioneer, served as a missionary in England and is the author of two collections of verse, Harp of Zion (1853) and Songs of a Pioneer, published posthumously by his son in 1923. Lyon's poetry, like that of Eliza R. Snow, provides interesting literary and historical insights into early Mormonism.

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Also Known As Leo Lambda L Maggy Philalethas Diogenes Orion Sirius Omega J Alpha
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Birth Date March, 4, 1803
Death Date November 28, 1889
Birth Place Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
LDS Missions England Worcester Conference (1849-1852), President of Glasgow Conference (1852-1853), Utah Territory (1855-1857)
Parents Thomas and Janet Lyon
Spouse Janet Thomson (married either December 1 or 4, 1825, or February 23, 1826), Caroline Holland (married March 28, 1856).

John Lyons was also sealed by proxy to several women who were either dead or geographically removed from him: Lillias Thomson, Catherine Alexander, Jeanie Osborne, Jean Calderwood, Margaret Lyon, Janet Lyon, Mary Lyon (July 17, 1871 for all previous); Elsie Marie Andersen, Johanna Kristine Christensen, Ane Marie Petersen, Johanna Marie Thomson, Keren Andersen, Ane Marie Otteson (April 8, 1874)
Children With Janet: Thomas (1826), Janet (1829), Annie (1831), Robert T. (1832), John, Jr. (1835), Lillias (1836), David C. (1838), Matthew T. (1842), Mary (1844), Margaret (1846), Agnes (1848), Franklin D. Richards (1849)

With Caroline Holland: Joseph Young (1857), Sarah Elizabeth (1859), William Augustus (1861), David Ross (1864), Alexander (1866), James (1869), Eliza Snow (1872)
Education Grammar School (1810-1812)
Apprentice to weaver (1812-1815)
Apprentice to cotton-spinner (1815-1819)
Glasgow night school (1819-1824)
Kilmarnock night school (1828-1830)
Career weaver; spinner; writer for newspapers; newspaper man for the Ayr Advertiser (1829-1830), Kilmarnock Chronicle (1831-1832), Kilmarnock Journal and Ayrshire Advertiser (1834-1840), Witness (1840-1842), Ayrshire Examiner (1839), Western Watchman and Ayr and Galloway Herald (1842-1844), Ayrshire Agriculturist (1843-1848), Kilmarnock Herald (1844-1848); superintendent of the Endowment House (1855-1885); territorial librarian (1860-1876), janitor, theatre critic, teacher of elocution
Affiliations Kilmarnock Philosophical Institution (1827-?), 37th Quorum of Seventies (1854-death), Polysophical Society (1854-?), Universal Scientific Society (1855-?), Deseret Typographical Association/ Deseret Press Association (1855-?), Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society (1857-?)

Works by John Lyon
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Essay on Poetry1883Personal Essay
The Apostate1974Poetry
Family Prayer1974Poetry
Reflection, in the Graveyard1884Poetry
Flight of Joseph and Mary1883Poetry
The Harp of Zion: A Collection of Poems, &c1853Poetry Collection

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