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Brenton G. Yorgason
One of the most popular authors ever to write for the Latter-day Saint fiction market. Frequent collaborator with his brother Blaine Yorgason. Inspiring, bestselling author of over 80 books. Motivating speaker of 2,500 keynotes and seminars. He reveals how to make internal changes to help you become value-based, productive, and energized.

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Also Known As Brenton Yorgason
Religion Latter-day Saint

Works by Brenton G. Yorgason
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Charity1980 Fiction
Dog Food1978 Fiction
All About Jim: The James Leo Thynne Story2004Biography / Memoir
Seamless Lives: The Frank and Betty Newman Martino Story2004Biography / Memoir
Man of Vision: The Charles Roy Albright Story2003Biography / Memoir
Life Is So Beautiful : The Mary Lou Fulton Story2002Biography / Memoir
The Story of Ira A. Fulton: A Latter-day Lionheart2001Biography / Memoir
Standing Tall: The Shawn Bradley Story1993Biography / Memoir
Ty: The Ty Detmer Story1992Biography / Memoir
Quiet Miracles: A True Story of Love and Courage 1994Devotional Literature
Agency, Spiritual Progression and the Mighty Change: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Devotional Literature
Binding the Lord: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Devotional Literature
Cory and the Horned Toad: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Devotional Literature
A Gift of Dogfood: A Letter to Missionaries and other Students of the Gospel1989Devotional Literature
Obtaining Priesthood Power: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Devotional Literature
From Darkness to Light: One Woman's Story of Depression, Recovery and Hope2000Drama
Joseph Smith: Tarred and Feathered1994History
The Problem with Immorality: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Letter
Receiving Answer to Prayer: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Letter
How to Repent: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel Letter
The Last Stagecoach Robbery: Saga of a Frontier Peacemaker1999Novel
Paradise Creek: A Love Story That Will Capture Your Heart1998Novel
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Primary: Discovering Life's Treasures1997Novel
An Angel's Promise1997Novel
On Wings of Love: A Novel1995Novel
The Soderberg Saga 1995Novel Collection
Storm! 1995Novel
Carpenter's Son: Letters from Magdala1994Novel
The Carpenter's Son, vol. 2: Letters From Magdala1994Novel
The Greatest Quest1993Novel
The Greatest Quest1993Novel
Seven Days for Ruby1993Novel
Seven Days For Ruby1993Novel
Simeon's Touch1993Novel
The Garrity Test1992Novel
The Garrity Test: A Novel1992Novel
The First Christmas Gift1991Novel
Prayers on the Wind: A Novel1991Novel
Prayers on the Wind: A Novel1991Novel
Dirty Socks & Shining Armor: A Forever Family in Camelot1990Novel
Here Stands a Man1990Novel
Here Stands a Man1990Novel
Spiritual Survival in the Last Days1990Novel
The Warm Spirit1990Novel
Beyond the Pearly Gates: A Collection of Original Whimsical Verse1989Novel
In Search of Steenie Bergman1988Novel
Pardners: Three Stories on Friendship1988Novel
Family Knights1986Novel
The Thanksgiving Promise1986Novel
The Loftier Way1985Novel
Tales From The Book of Mormon1985Novel
Brother Brigham's Gold1984Novel
Ride the Laughing Wind1984Novel
Chester, I Love You1983Novel
The Miracle1983Novel
Double Exposure1982Novel
Seeker of the Gentle Heart1982Novel
The Krystal Promise1981Novel
The Bishop's Horse Race1979Novel
All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Primary Novel
Sacred Intimacy1989Personal Essay
Becoming Sanctified: An Invitation for Present and Future Missionaries to Shape Their Divine Destiny2000Reference Work
Joseph Smith's Eleven-Dollar Surgery1994Short Story
The Day Things Got Worse1982Short Story Fiction
The Eighteen Hundred Dollar Kiss1982Short Story
The High Place1980Short Story
A Town Called Charity and Other Stories about Decisions1980Short Story Collection
SignalsShort Story
Rubies and rhinestones Speech Film
Amazing Grace: The Tender Mercies of the Lord1996Theology
Obtaining the Blessings of Heaven1991Theology
Little Known Evidences of the Book of Mormon1989Theology
Capturing Your Dreams: 6 Disciplines That Will Transform Your Life and Leadership2003Unassigned
Grandma's Apple Tree: A Personal Reflection on Death and Hope2000Unassigned
Understanding Death's Passage: A Companion to Grandma's Apple Tree2000Unassigned
The Wings of Words: Writing and Publishing a Book Made Easy 1999Unassigned
Cherished Intimacy1998Unassigned
Dating: Surviving and Thriving the the Social Scene 1995Unassigned
Seeking Wealth: A Letter to Missionaries and Other Students of the Gospel1989Unassigned
The Loftier Way: Tales From the Ancient American Frontier1985Unassigned
Creating a Celestial Marriage1982Unassigned
From This Day Forth: The Joy of Marriage1982Unassigned
Marriage and Family Stewardships 1982Unassigned
From One to Two: Preparing for a Lasting Marriage1981Unassigned
Transforming Technical Literature on Marital Quality into Functional Materials1981Unassigned Dissertation / Thesis
Supplement for Successful Marriage1978Unassigned
From First Date to Chosen Mate1977Unassigned
Celestial Marriage: Reading and Activities Unassigned

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