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Richard H. Cracroft
Cracroft is Emeritus Professor of English at Brigham Young University, where for years he directed the Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature and edited Literature and Belief. He has been a major figure in Mormon literature for many years as an author, teacher, critic, review, and editor. He has also served as chairman of the English department, dean of the College of Humanities at BYU, and president of the Association for Mormon Letters. Along with Neal Lambert, he initiated BYU's course "The Literature of the Latter-day Saints," and they together published two two anthologies of Mormon Literature, A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints and 22 Young Mormon Writers. He is well known for his review of current Mormon literary publications in a regular column in BYU Magazine.

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Religion LDS
LDS Missions President of the Zurich, Switzerland Mission (1986-1989)
Education University of Utah, B.A., M.A. English
University of Wisconson-Madison, Ph.D., English
Awards In 2000 Cracroft was granted honorarly lifetime membership in the Association for Mormon Letters.

Works by Richard H. Cracroft
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22 Young Mormon Writers1975 Anthology
A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints1974 Anthology
Telling the Restoration Story: Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory Saga2003Criticism
God-Finding in Twenty-First Century: Alan Rex Mitchell's Angel of the Danube and John Bennion's Falling toward Heaven2002Criticism
On the Way to Becoming an Authentic Reader2002Criticism
Colloquium: Essays in Literature and Belief2001Criticism
"Cows to Milk Instead of Novels to Read": Brigham Young, Novel Reading, and Kingdom Building2001Criticism
Our Senses of Humor Are Our Lines of Defenses2000Criticism
Samuel Woolley Taylor: Mormon Literary Maverick2000Criticism
A Bibliography of Mormon Humor: or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Eternal Life1998Criticism
Jots and Titters: An Introduction to Mormon Humor1998Criticism
Re-Storying the Restoration: Gerald N. Lund's The Work and the Glory Saga and the Historical Novel1997Criticism
Foreword [to Second Crop by John Sterling Harris]1996Criticism
Rendering the Ineffable Effable: Treating Joseph Smith's First Vision in Imaginative Literature1996Criticism
Realizing "A Personal and Possessed Past": Mormon Community and Values in Wallace Stegner's Recapitulation1994Criticism
"A Usually Dazzling World": The Poetic Mormon Humanism of Emma Lou Thayne1994Criticism
Attuning the Authentic Mormon Voice: Stemming the Sophic Tide in LDS Literature1993Criticism
Literature, Mormon Writers of: Novels1992Criticism Bibliography
A Profound Sense of Community: Mormon Values in Wallace Stegner's Recapitulation1991Criticism
The Humor of Mormon Seriousness1985Criticism
Nephi, Seer of Modern Times: The Home Literature Novels of Nephi Anderson1985Criticism
"Ten Wives is All You Need": Artemus, Twain and the Mormons--Again1984Criticism
The Didactic Heresy as Orthodox Tool: B.H. Roberts as Writer of Home Literature1983Criticism
"Seeking the Good, the Pure, the Elevating": A Short History of Mormon Fiction (Part 1)1981Criticism
"Seeking the Good, the Pure, the Elevating": A Short History of Mormon Fiction (Part 2)1981Criticism
Freshet in the Dearth: Samuel W. Taylor's Heaven Knows Why and Mormon Humor1980Criticism
Literary Form and Historical Understanding: Joseph Smith's First Vision1980Criticism
Distorting Polygamy for Fun and Profit: Artemus Ward and Mark Twain Among the Mormons1974Criticism
Through Gentile Eyes: A Hundred Years of the Mormon in Fiction1972Criticism
Fiddlin' Around in Orderville, or, A Mormon on the Roof1971Criticism
The Gentle Blasphemer: Mark Twain, Holy Scripture, and the Book of Mormon1971Criticism
Alumni Book NookCriticism Series
The Day Dawn is Breaking: Donald R. Marshall and Recent Trends in Mormon Fiction.Criticism
A Short History of Mormon FictionCriticism Series
Liverpool, 1856: Nathaniel Hawthorne Meets Orson Pratt1968History
The Patterns of My Faith: Surprises of the Spirit1991Personal Essay
The Pattern of Faith and Jolts of Joy: Spiritual Surprises1986Personal Essay
Anne Parry's Tathea: A Preliminary Consideration1999Review
[Review of] The Viper on the Hearth: Mormons, Myths, and the Construction of Heresy by Terry L. Givens 1997Review
Through a Glass, Brightly: Happenings in Book of Mormon Fiction1994Review
Out of Darkness into Light: A Novel Approach1992Review
[Review of] Pillar of Light: A Historical Novel, by Gerald N. Lund 1991Review
"Polishing God's Altars": Fictionally Wresting the Book of Mormon1990Review
[Review of] Harvest: Contemporary Mormon Poems, edited by Eugene England and Dennis Clark1990Review
Love at Home and Peace Abroad: A Breakfast Conversation between Frieda and Craig1985Review
[Review of] Goodbye, Hello by Marilyn Brown1984Review
[Review of] Orrin Porter Rockwell: Man of God, Son of Thunder, 2d ed., by Harold Schindler1984Review
[Review of] Women's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-day Saints 1830-1900 edited by Kenneth W. Godfrey, Audrey M. Godfrey, and Jill Mulvay Derr1983Review
A Timely Resurrection: The Return of J. Golden1982Review
[Review of] Heaven Knows Why1979Review
On the Way to Obsession1973Review
[Review of] The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball1970Review
That My Soul Might See1994Short Story
Divine Designs: Tracing the Lord's "Pattern in All Things"1997Speech
Divine Designs: Tracing the Lord's "Pattern in All Things"Speech
"O What Songs of the Heart": Pioneering the Mormon HymnSpeech
We'll Sing and We'll Shout: A Mantic Celebration of the Holy SpiritSpeech
Eugene the Guileless2001Tribute
The Discomforter: Some Personal Memories of Joseph Fielding Smith1972Tribute
A Timely Resurrection: The Return of J. Golden1982Unassigned

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