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Mabel Jones Gabbott

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Also Known As Mabel J. Gabbott
Birth Date 1910

Works by Mabel Jones Gabbott
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Baptism1989Music Lyrics
Before I Take the Sacrament1989Music Lyrics
Did Jesus Really Live Again?1989Music Lyrics
The Family1989Music Lyrics
Father Up Above1989Music Lyrics
Had I Been a Child1989Music Lyrics
Have a Very Happy Birthday!1989Music Lyrics
Have a Very Merry Christmas!1989Music Lyrics
My Country1989Music Lyrics
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus1989Music Lyrics
Sleep, Little Jesus1989Music Lyrics
There Was Starlight on the Hillside1989Music Lyrics
To Think about Jesus1989Music Lyrics
Who Is the Child?1989Music Lyrics
In Humility, Our Savior1985Music Lyrics
Lord, Accept into Thy Kingdom1985Music Lyrics
We Have Partaken of Thy Love1985Music Lyrics
Stairway to Lasting Joy1969Music Lyrics
Charity Never Fails1978Poetry
"...Uniquely Individual"1974Poetry
Abraham Lincoln1969Poetry
Always Green and Growing1969Poetry
Inventory: A Snowball Tree1969Poetry
On Doors Closing and Opening1969Poetry
In Wholeness or In Part1968Poetry
To a White Peony1968Poetry
And Now It Is May...1967Poetry
Beyond These Tears1967Poetry
In the Midst of Summer1967Poetry
Since Time Began1967Poetry
First Day At School1966Poetry
Here... With A Tiny Daughter1966Poetry
Lullaby For Jesus1966Poetry
Offering For Peace1966Poetry
Summer and Sleeping Bags1966Poetry
To the One in the Middle1966Poetry
To Walk Alone1966Poetry
For All Mankind1965Poetry
A Living Faith1965Poetry
One More Story1965Poetry
Pine Knots and Irritations1965Poetry
So You Must Try Your Wings1965Poetry
A Way of Peace1965Poetry
A Woman's Way1965Poetry
Let Me Remember1964Poetry
On Spring and Love1964Poetry
A Word1964Poetry
Farewell to a House Well Loved1963Poetry
Springtime Snow1963Poetry
Before the Word Goes Forth1962Poetry
Note to Carvel1962Poetry
On Reaching Shadows1962Poetry
The Summit1962Poetry
Wait For Me, Sun1962Poetry
What is Christmas?1962Poetry
After the Silent Year1961Poetry
Blue Rock1961Poetry
Down the Lanes of August1961Poetry
Except for the Daisies1961Poetry
Note to a Loved One1961Poetry
On the Stair1961Poetry
The Valley1961Poetry
Letter From a Missionary1960Poetry
Not Anything Is Lost1960Poetry
This I Know1960Poetry
To A Pioneer Mother1960Poetry

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