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Clinton F. Larson
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Also Known As Clinton Larson
Birth Date 1919
Education University of Denver
Career Clinton F. Larson was a professor of English and Poet-in-Residence at Brigham Young University, where he taught creative writing. Larson, a prolific and award-winning writer, was known to audiences for such plays as Snow White and the Mirror, The Mantle of the Prophet, Mary of Nazareth, and The Prophet. He has published numerous works of poetry including The Lord of Experience (1967) and Counterpoint (1973). He is known in many Mormon homes for his text, prepared for Promised Land Publications, Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon. He retired in 1985.

Works by Clinton F. Larson
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The Works of Clinton F. Larson1985 Series
The Prophet1971
Earth and Sky: A Dialogue Between Two Poets
The Mantle of the Prophet and Other Plays1966Drama
Coriantumr and Moroni1962Drama
The Brother of JaredDrama
The Mantle of the ProphetDrama
Mary of NazarethDrama
Saul of TarsusDrama
Third NephiDrama
A Conversation With Clinton F. Larson1969Interview / Panel
Clinton Larson on Science PoetryInterview / Panel
A Vision of WordsPersonal Essay
Lower Campus1993Poetry
The Twentieth Maine Regiment at Gettysburg1990Poetry
Arab Insurrection: A Memoir1989Poetry
The Death of Ramses II1989Poetry
First Grader1989Poetry
Homestead in Idaho1989Poetry
Lovers at Twilight1989Poetry
To a Dying Girl1989Poetry
The Civil War Poems1988Poetry Collection
Selected Poems of Cinton F. Larson1988Poetry
Alpha and Omega at the End1986Poetry
The Egyptian Poems1986Poetry Collection
The Unified Field1986Poetry
Waiting for a Soldier, 19171986Poetry
Nuclear Winter1985Poetry
The Prophet1985Poetry
Romaunt of the Rose: A Tapestry of Poems by Clinton F. Larson1983Poetry Collection
Bronze Rubbing1982Poetry
Leaving Sunday School1982Poetry
Rue the Scholar1981Poetry
War Veteran at a Clinic1981Poetry
Guy Coleman of Midway1980Poetry
Centennial Portraits1979Poetry
The New Zion1979Poetry
The Western World1978Poetry Collection
Columbia River1977Poetry
Autumn Leaves1975Poetry
Modern Poetry of Western America1975Poetry
The Coming of Winter1974Poetry
Deputy's Report1974Poetry
The Witness1974Poetry
A Book of Poems1973Poetry Collection
Counterpoint: A Book of Poems1973Poetry Collection
The Savior in Gethsemane1973Poetry
A Letter from Israel Whiton, 18511969Poetry
The Nineteenth Century: An Indiscretion1969Poetry
Camp Floyd Centennial1967Poetry
The Lord of Experience1967Poetry Collection
An English Graveyard1964Poetry
Theoremes Spirituels1962Poetry
Black HolePoetry
The Conversions of GodPoetry
Crucifixion in JudeaPoetry
Earthsend PlaquePoetry
Night Watch (title only)Poetry
The Princes of GodPoetry
Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon1965Scripture

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