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Mary Lythgoe Bradford
The former editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (1978–83), Mary is the author of two books, Leaving Home: Personal Essays (which won the 1998 Association for Mormon Letters personal essay award) and Lowell L. Bennion: Teacher, Counselor, Humanitarian (1995). She has also edited a collection of essays, Mormon Women Speak (1982), and written widely on the novelist Virginia Sorensen. Her University of Utah master’s thesis was the first scholarly work by a Mormon on Virginia Sorensen. Her own essays, articles, and poetry have appeared in Dialogue, Exponent II, BYU Studies, Utah Holiday, Deseret News, and in many other books and journals. Mary was raised in Utah but spent the majority of her adult life in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband Charles Bradford and their three children. [from Discoveries: Two Centuries of Poems from Mormon Women, 105]

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Also Known As Mary Bradford; Mary L. Bradford; Mary L Bradford
Birth Date 1930
Education Bradford is graduate of the University of Utah with degrees in education and english.
Career Mary Lythgoe Bradford has played a significant role in the development of Mormon literature, particularly as a past editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (1976-1982) and as an essayist, biographer, critic, poet, and teacher. She has given important emphasis to the personal essay genre, editing several compilations in that form and publishing a seminal article about the personal essay.

Bradford’s writings have appeared in Dialogue, Exponent II, Sunstone, BYU Studies, BYU Today, the Ensign, the New Era, the Deseret News, Utah Holiday, This People, Commonweal, The John Whitmer History Association Journal, The Utah Historical Quarterly, and The Western Humanities Review.

Her essays have appeared in the book-length collections, A Thoughtful Faith: Essays on Belief by Mormon Scholars (ed. Philip Barlow) and A Time to Weep and a Time to Sing: Faith Journeys of Women Scholars of Religion (ed. by Mary Jo Meadow and Carole A. Rayburn).

Her poems have appeared in two anthologies: Where Feelings Flower (ed. by Barbara Smith and Shirley Thomas), and Harvest: Contemporary Mormon Poems (ed. by Eugene England and Dennis Clark). (See the bibliography below)
Awards Bradford's Leaving Home: Personal Essays, won the AML award for Personal Essay in 1988

Works by Mary Lythgoe Bradford
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Send for the Sisters
Virginia Eggersten Sorensen Waugh (1912-1991): Utah's First Lady of Letters2000Biography / Memoir
Lowell L. Bennion: Teacher, Counselor, Humanitarian 1995Biography / Memoir
A Life Well-Shared1998Criticism
Virginia Sorensen: Literary Recollections from a Thirty-five Year Friendship1994Criticism
Dear Diary . . .1981Criticism
Two Poets: Their Travels, Their Moods1980Criticism
Virginia Sorensen: An Introduction1980Criticism
New Act of Poetry1972Criticism
Virginia Sorensen: A Saving Remnant1969Criticism
Virginia Sorensen: An Introduction1956Criticism Dissertation / Thesis
Utah's Women WritersCriticism
If You Are a Writer You Write! : An Interview with Virginia Sorensen1980Interview / Panel
A Conversation with Hugh Nibley1979Interview / Panel
Letter to Gene, My Eternal Brother2001Letter
Retreat Moments2000Personal Essay
Leaving Home: Personal Essays1987Personal Essay Collection
Personal Voices: A Celebration of Dialogue's Personal Essays1987Personal Essay Collection
Girl of the Limberlost and Lonesome Pine1986Personal Essay
Pillows of My Faith1986Personal Essay
A Ten Day Expert Speaks1986Personal Essay
My Ten-day Mission1985Personal Essay
Now That Summer is Here1985Personal Essay
The Diary Chain1984Personal Essay
Mormon Women Speak: A Collection of Essays1982Personal Essay Collection
I, Eye, Aye: A Personal Essay on Personal Essays1978Personal Essay
Comfort in the KnowingPersonal Essay
An Hour in the GrovePersonal Essay
In ProcessPersonal Essay
Born Again1984Poetry
Coming Apart Together1982Poetry
My Childhood Calls Me1977Poetry
The Grammarian Blows Her Mind1975Poetry
The Beautiful1969Poetry
At Sea With ChildrenPoetry
Chant for Growing OlderPoetry
The DifferencePoetry
Holy ThursdayPoetry
Letting GoPoetry
Regretfully RequestPoetry
You Kept Me From FallingPoetry
[Review of] Mr. Wahlquist in Yellowstone and Other Stories, by Douglas H. Thayer1990Review
[Review of] Fresh Meat/Warm Weather by Joyce Eliason1976Review
In Memoriam Virginia Sorensen1992Tribute
You Look Just Like Carol Lynn Pearson1971Unassigned

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