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Nephi Anderson
Nephi Anderson was the most prominent fiction writer of the "Home Literature" period of Mormon Literature. His Added Upon (1898) remains the best exemplar of this period, and has stayed in publication continually for a century. Although Added Upon endures as his most well-known work, most critics agree that it is not his best. During his career, Anderson wrote nine more novels, four books, forty articles and at least forty-eight short stories. He developed his style to overtly integrate the gospel message into his writing. His literary works have been studied critically most prominently by Richard Cracroft. (See his "Nephi, Seer of Modern Times: The Home Literature Novels of Nephi Anderson.")

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Also Known As N. Anderson
Birth Date January 22, 1865
Death Date January 6, 1923
Birth Place Christiania, Norway
LDS Missions First mission to Norway (1892-93)
Second to Great Britain (1904-06)
Third to to Central States (1909-10)
Parents Christian and Petronelle Nielson Anderson
Spouse Asenath Tillotson (1886 - her death in 1904)
Maud Rebecca Symons (1908)
Education Studied at the University of Utah
Career Anderson taught school in Ogden and Brigham City until becoming Superintendent of schools in Box Elder County, a position he held from 1900-03. He served as editor of the Millennial Star during his mission in Great Britain and taught English at LDS High School when he returned. He edited the Liahona (the voice of the church to the central United States) while in the Central States Mission, and the Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine from 1910-23. Anderson served on the General Board of the Mutual Improvement Association from 1910-23, and while serving on the General Priesthood Committee of the Church prepared several courses of study for priesthood quorums.
Personal Statement "What a field there is [in Mormonism] for the pen of the novelist."
"A good story is artistic preaching ... a novel which depicts high ideals and gives to us representations of men and women as they should and can be, exerts an influence for good that is not easily computed."
Other Biographical Information In 1871, at six years of age, immigrated to Utah from Norway with his parents.
He traveled widely to speak about genealogy, for which he was known as a major force in the church. He stated that the small genealogical library in Salt Lake City, Utah would become "the largest and best equipped ... in the world."

Works by Nephi Anderson
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[Biography of] Lorenzo Snow1899Biography / Memoir
A Plea for Fiction1898Criticism
Purpose in Fiction1898Criticism
Young Folks' History of the Church1902History
Krönta Med: Större1928Novel
The Boys of Springtown: With Special Reference to William Wallace Jones and Ned Jones1920Novel
Romance of a Missionary: A Story of English and Missionary Experiences1919Novel
A Daughter of the North1915Novel
Piney Ridge Cottage : The Love Story of a "Mormon" Country Girl1912Novel
The Castle Builder: A Missionary Story of the Northland1909Novel
Marcus King, Mormon1900Novel
Added Upon: A Story1898Novel
Home Call1906Poetry
Love's First Conquest1904Poetry
Died in the Field1901Poetry
A Vision1901Poetry
Exceptions1923Short Story
Distance Lends Enchantment1922Short Story
The Straw1922Short Story
The Girl1921Short Story
At Saint Peter's Gate1918Short Story
Forfeits1918Short Story
At St. Peter's Gate1917Short Story
Tendrilla1917Short Story
Testing of Gilda1916Short Story
The Home Field1915Short Story
Unbidden Guests1915Short Story
John Engleman and the Spirit of Christmas1912Short Story
The Home Guard1911Short Story
End of the Rainbow1910Short Story
How the Lord Was Good to Aunt Johanna1910Short Story
Little Child Shall Lead Them1910Short Story
Out of the Abundance of the Heart1910Short Story
The Inevitable1907Short Story
When the Stove Smoked1907Short Story
Freedom of Donald Gray1906Short Story
Missionary's Release1905Short Story
Christmas Story on Faith, Hope, and Charity1904Short Story
Finding of Olga: [A Pioneer Story]1901Short Story
Salvation of Souls1900Short Story
Conscience from Carthage1894Short Story
The Finding of the Pearl1894Short Story
Tallie, Bill White's Girl1894Short Story
Almina1892Short Story
Mary, A Story of Sagebrush Bench1891Short Story
Grandmother's Rocking Chair1890Short Story
Lester Amsden's Love1890Short Story
ForfeitsShort Story
Out of the Abundance of the HeartShort Story

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