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The Mailbox
Produced by David Kent Jacobs
Set to music by Randi Jones
Directed by David Kent Jacobs
Screenplay by David Kent Jacobs
Production Company: Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio
Premiere Date: 1977
Length: 1 film reel (24 min.)

Published In Collection:
The Worth of Souls

Published In Collection:
Johnny Lingo [with] The mailbox; Uncle Ben; Christmas Snows, Chrismas winds : Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio, c2003


Genre:   Film
Production Type:
LDS Church Production
Content Types:
Narrative Film
Distribution Types:
Private Church Distribution

Subjects: parents; elderly;
Text from cover:
Lethe, an elderly widow, trudges out to her mailbox each day in hopes of finding a letter from her family. Unfortunately they are too wrapped up in their own lives, and the mailbox remains empty. Her neighbors try to keep her company, but cannot take the place of her absent children. They contact her family about her loneliness and discover that a letter is finally coming--but it carries devastating news.

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One of the more popular educational films produced at the BYU Motion Picture Studio under Jesse Stay, this is also probably Lethe Tatge's best-known role.

Based on an original story by Florence Doyle Putt.

BYU/ LDS Motion Picture Studio Production #1102.

Additional details at Internet Movie Database

HBLL Call No: VC 70; on VC 12312
Medium: 16mm color
Cast Members: Lethe Tatge; Rachel Jacobs; Rebecca Glade; Alan Nash; Martha Henstrom - narrator; Winkie Horman - narrator
Music Composed by: Merrill Jenson
Film Editor: James W. Dearden
Cinematographer: Reed Smoot
Country: USA
Language: English
Distributor: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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