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Trapped by the Mormons
Produced by H. B. Parkinson
Directed by H. B. Parkinson
Screenplay by Frank Miller
Production Company: Master Films
Premiere Date: March 1922
Length: 97 min.

Genre:   Film
Production Type:
Non-Mormon Production
Content Types:
Narrative Film
Significant Mormon Elements
Distribution Types:
Commercial Theaters

Subjects: missionaries; polygamy; anti-Mormon film;
Also Known As:
The Mormon Peril (reissue title)

Set in modern northern England, this tells the story of Nora Prescott, who is beguiled by the vampiric Mormon missionary Elder Isoldi Keene. She ends an engagement and investigates Mormonism despite her father's forbidance, eventually running away with Keene. Her former fiance Jim and a private detective track the couple to London. After Nora meets Keene's first wife and rejects the horrors of Mormon polygamy, the elders determine that both women must die to atone for their sins. Nora manages to signal for help and Jim, the detective, and the police break into the Mormon headquarters, save the women, and haul the Mormons off to jail.

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Popular sentiment has often placed Trapped by the Mormonsat the height of the anti-Mormon film movement in the 1910s and 1920s. It was, however, one the last such films, and its dismal reception--on both a commercial and propagandistic level--helped doom the genre. It also largely ended the anti-Mormon career of its author Winifred Graham and even proved rather beneficial for missionary work in England; it was blocked, in its initial release, from playing in the United States through the efforts of Senator and apostle Reed Smoot. It was rereleased under a new title a few years later, and remade in 2005 as a completely camp spoof.

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HBLL Call No: DVDLMM 27, DVD 2394, VC 10779
Medium: 35mm black and white (silent)
Cast Members: Evelyn Brent - Nora Prescott; Louis Willoughby - Isoldi Keene; Ward McAllister - Elder Kayler; Olaf Hytten - Elder Marz; Olive Sloane - Sadie Keene; George Wynn - Jim Foster; Cecil Morton York - Mr. Prescott;
Country: England
Language: English (silent)
Distributor: Master Films

Adapted From :
The Love Story of a Mormon by Winifred Graham
London: Mills & Boon, Ltd., 1911 (310p.)

Adapted To:
Trapped by the Mormons Directed by Ian Allen

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