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A Victim of the Mormons
Directed by August Blom
Production Company: Nordisk Films
Premiere Date: October 2, 1911
Length: three reels

Genre:   Film
Production Type:
Non-Mormon Production
Content Types:
Narrative Film
Significant Mormon Elements
Distribution Types:
Commercial Theaters

Subjects: Mormonism; missionaries; polygamy;
Also Known As:
Mormonens Offer

A coniving Mormon missionary named Reverend Larson comes to Copenhagen and beguiles the young and beautiful Florence. He takes her to Utah where he intends to add her to his harem, but they are pursued by her beau who succeeds in rescuing her. In the climatic fight Larson accidentally shoots himself.

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Though not the first anti-Mormon film, this is generally credited with starting the anti-Mormon film era that would last over a decade. It was a prestige production with international distribution: at three reels, it was the longest Danish film of 1911 and one of the longest Danish films to that time. The LDS Church in Europe and America struggled, with little avail, to suppress, censor, or disclaim it; essentially their efforts resulted in increased publicity, and hence probably increased the tide of 1912 anti-Mormon films in America. The experience had a positive effect on the Church in that it immediately galvanized Church filmmakers into action (as with the 1913 film One Hundred Years of Mormonism), and it gave present and future Church leaders increased admiration for the power of motion pictures. Only fragments of the film are known to have survived--about thirty minutes' worth--which have been transferred to 16mm and video and are available in various locations such as the Church Archives in Salt Lake City. --Randy Astle

The film was distributed in America by Great Northern Films, a branch of Nordisk.

Medium: 35mm black and white (silent)
Cast Members: Vlademar Psilander - Reverend Andrew Larson
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish, silent
Certification: none
Distributor: Nordisk Films

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