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Together Forever
Directed by Michael McLean
Production Company: Bonneville Communications
Premiere Date: 1987
Length: 25 min.

Genre:   Film
Production Type:
LDS Church Production
Content Types:
Narrative Film
PR or Proselyting film
Distribution Types:
Commercial Video (VHS/DVD)

Subjects: plan of salvation; family;
Several difficult family situations are portrayed in a faux documentary style: a rebellious teenager, marital problems, a dead child. In each case lives are improved by contact with the Church.

Several people tell how they learned of the plan of salvation and the difference it made in their lives.

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This video recording contains thoughts, pictures, and music centered on the eternal nature of the family. It is ideal for members to use in helping nonmembers feel the Spirit and prepare to receive the missionary discussions.

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HBLL Call No: DVDMM 145, VCMM 64, VC 29

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