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The Phone Call
Produced by Douglas G. Johnson
Directed by Douglas G. Johnson
Production Company: Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio
Premiere Date: 1977
Length: 1 film reel (24 min.)

Published In Collection:
Cipher in the snow; [with] The gift ; The phone call ; The Emmett Smith story ; John Baker's last race : Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio, c2003


Genre:   Film
Sub Genres:
Production Type:
LDS Church Production
Content Types:
Narrative Film

Subjects: confidence; youth;
A comic film that contrasts a young man's shyness with one girl with his easily developing friendship with another. From a story by Jack Weyland.

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HBLL Call No: VC 985, on DVDMM 195
Medium: 16 mm
Cast Members: Marc McClure, Michele Patrick, David Sterago, R. Irwin Goodman, Ann MacMillan, Lisa Jarstad, Jim Jensen, Robert Thurston.
Music Composed by: Merrill Jenson
Film Editor: Peter G. Czerny
Cinematographer: Reed Smoot
Country: USA

Total Queries: 16. Total Execution Time: 0.010 sec.
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