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Emma Smith: My Story
Produced by Ron R. Munns, Gary H. Cook
Directed by Gary H. Cook, T.C. Christensen
Screenplay by Gary H. Cook
Production Company: Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society, Inc.
Premiere Date: 2007
Length: 90min.

Genre:   Film
Production Type:
Mormon Contributor(s)
Content Types:
Significant Mormon Elements
Distribution Types:
Film Festival

Subjects: 7th Annual LDS Film Festival 2008;
Emma Smith: My Story focuses on the life and experiences of Emma Hale Smith. The film begins near the end of Emma's life. Her adopted daughter, Julia Murdock Smith, returns home to Emma and shares several hardships she has been through. Emma relates to Julia some of her own life's experiences to put things in perspective and illustrate the importance of maintaining faith amid such difficulties. Various turning points in Emma's life are revealed as she reflects on experiences ranging from her childhood with a father that was very strict and not fond of religion, to her courtship and marriage to Joseph Smith, and the challenges she faced in being the wife of the Prophet. The film also includes brief insights into her life and character after the Martyrdom of Joseph until her own death in Nauvoo in 1879.

Production Designer: Gary Sivertsen;
Costume Designer: Shari Ohman;
Casting Director: Alisa Anglesey;

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HBLL Call No: DVDMM 383
Cast Members: Katherine Nelson, Patricia Place, Nathan Mitchell
Music Composed by: Merrill Jensen
Film Editor: Wynn Hougaard
Cinematographer: T.C. Christensen
Certification: NR (probably PG)

Reviewed In:
[Review of] Emma Smith: My Story by Jeff Vice

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